E-Lite Cotton Candy Maker ECCM-702

• Voltage : 220-240V ~50/60HZ
• Power : 500W
• Convenient Countertop Size : N.W 1.50 KG
• Model : ECCM 702

Rs. 9,599 Rs. 10,599

Bring the fun right into your kitchen with this convenient tabletop cotton candy-making unit that uniquely re-sembles the carnival vendor carts of the early 1900s. Use your favorite hard candies or flossing sugar to create fluffy cotton candy cones the whole family will love.Includes 1 sugar spoon and 10 wooden sticks.


With this appliance you can use hard candies or sugar according to taste.

Try to mix candies with different flavors together to obtain cotton candy with a very special taste!

For example, apple and cinnamon, or strawberry and orange, pineapple and lemon, etc….

If you want colored cotton candy, use granulated sugar adding some drops of food coloring, mix thoroughly and follow the instructions.

Voltage : 220-240V ~50/60HZ
Power : 500W
Convenient Countertop Size : N.W 1.50 KG
Gift Box Size : 30.5×30.5×25.8cm
Model : ECCM 702

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